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Moyo is a quirky, East African design house creating vibrant home décor that embodies the carefree, sassy kaleidoscope of modern Swahili style. Each statement piece is handcrafted using African wax textiles and features Moyo’s fabric pompoms and Maasai beads. These signature embellishments reflect a vital fusion of cultures – both in terms of the founder’s dual heritage between East Africa and India, and across the tribes and traditions of Tanzania.


Within its expansive range, Moyo is perhaps most widely recognised for its striking baobab trees, bubbling with Swahili swagger. These whimsical sculptures – like everything at Moyo – are each handmade – a wire sculpture is wrapped with banana tree fibre and brought to life with colourful hand made kitenge wax cording, pompoms and Maasai beads creating a joyously naïve representation of this majestic African symbol.

These are hand crafted from the humble 5cm incarnation through to the fabulous 1.5 meter statement feature.  


The name ‘Moyo’ means ‘heart’ in Kiswahili, and reflects our authentic Swahili origins, which truly are at the heart of Moyo – from its cultural inspirations to its indigenous materials and all who work with them. The name also reflects the care and attention to detail that goes into every item crafted by the Moyo artisans.

The contemporary, spicy colours and animated lines make each Moyo design the antithesis of the old sepia toned perception of this part of the world. Instead these statement accessories are each individual and challenge the traditional stereotypical notions of ‘African craft.’


P.O. Box 21248,

Msasani Slipway,

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

+255 755 507 255, +255 763 508 12

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